Multimedia Guide for Museums and Exhibitions

guide multimediali per musei e spazi espositivi

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Multimedia Guide for Museums and Exhibitions

Museum visits can be made much more pleasant and less chaotic when there is strategic organisation provided by the same structure  that enables visitors to check opening times and buy tickets online etc. Modern technology provides visitors with multimedia guides, the new generation to museum brochures and audio-guides.

Museum Itineraries with Multimedia Guides

Audioguides are still very much an integral part of museum visits in the most famous national and international museums and the digital era has come into its own in certain museums where audioguides have additional multimedia functions. A perfect example is the National Archaeological Museum and Museum of Oriental art of Venice which provides all visitors with a multimedia guide accessible by smartphone or tablet. Visitors can access this guide prior to and during their visit using QR codes. The most important works are presented in audio and video form and particular attention has been paid to making the museum experience as complete as possible for visitors with visual impairment. Another interesting example is the Galata Sea Museum in Genoa, which uses multimedia guides connected to a radio wave localisation system. This is excellent for the visually impaired who can finally enjoy a large degree of independence and the guides also describe nearby works of art in order to help visitor orientation and general enjoyment.

Hera:  a new hypermedia app for museums and exhibitions

This new app is the brainchild of the Università della Valle d’Aosta and a group of researchers and its function is that of creating a new emotional art experience. Its innovative positioning and indoor localisation system can map the museum environment. This function traces users positions and shows interactive maps and sends updated relevant data in direct proximity to nearby works of art.

Your own smartphone turns into a personalised  multimedia guide  that enhances the museum visit and makes it truly memorable.

Feedback is essential for museums  and this app can analyse data in a variety of ways including opinions on social networks via the app itself and this is a very real ally in developing effective marketing strategies. The multimedia guide which improves and augments visitor enjoyment is the main tool at the fingertips of both users and the museum itself to create and boost customer loyalty.