Innovative museum visits

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Innovative museum visits

Modern day museum directors are faced with the challenge of finding new and innovative ways of attracting visitors who will then write positive reviews and spread the word. Social networks and interactive platforms are creating new approaches to the arts and stimulate visitors’ emotional involvement.


Social networks and museum visits

The Los Angeles Country Museum of Art is an emblematic example of the new trend to use promotional activities to boost museum visits: its daily posts on social networks like Snapchat of ‘retouched’ artworks with funny comments really appeal to the younger generation.

In Italy, the Egyptian Museum of Turin uses streaming on Facebook ‘to keep in touch with a wider public that are interested in Egyptology’ and Paola Mitossi, head of communications for the Museum also adds that the various profiles of the museum  ‘…Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  are used strategically to attract new visitors, communicate research, promote new events and ventures…


Additional innovation

Using technology in museums to enhance the overall visitor experience is a recent, growing trend. Interesting examples along with apps are the use of augmented reality, 3d printers and virtual reality headsets which recreate places and ambients hitherto lost in time.

Turin is one again at the forefront of technology and in 2016 the National Museum of Cinema won the prestigious “Museum Innovation Award” at Museum Next. The jury was won over by the fully immersive multi sensorial effect created by   free WiFi, Mobile Tagging for access to additional data and anecdotes, digital slides and augmented reality.


Hera: a new and innovative museum experience

The perfect way to create a new, exciting  museum experience is by using the specially designed Hera app.

This app which has been developed by a research team of the the Università della Valle d’Aosta has been designed to boost visitor numbers by enhancing the overall experience via interactivity, multimedia, augmented reality, quizzes and questions, themed itineraries, indoor tracking and much, much more…

Based on beacon technology, the app offers a new unique experience for visitors and also increments the potential for a loyal customer base. The app tracks visitors steps and times and thus provides essential information for museum managers for recontacting visitors and opening up a whole new world of different remarketing possibilities, fundamental for boosting the number of visitors and bringing museums to life.